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Connect Smart

Connect Smart is a partnership that promotes ways for individuals, businesses and schools to protect themselves online. All New Zealanders will benefit if we can unlock the potential of the Internet by using it in a safe and secure way. 

All employees, at all levels, have a role to play. 

1. Don't wait until it's too late - be proactive; improve your digital security now before you become a victim.

2. Improving your digital security is easy - it's not complicated or expensive to take basic steps to protect yourself and your personal information.

3. Protect yourself across all your devices - it's as important to be secure on your smartphone and tablet as it is on your PC or laptop.

4. Protecting yourself also protects friends, family and work - having your personal information compromised is more than an inconvenience and can have major consequences for you and everybody you know. 

A range of resources are provided below to help you and your colleagues Connect Smart. More resources are available on the Connect Smart website and find out about our Cyber Insurance Cover.


yes tick How to start a workplace conversation (Download PDF)
yes tick Running a Connect Smart campaign at work (Download PDF)
yes tick Phishing - Simple steps to deal with Phishing (Download PDF)
yes tick Ransomware - Simple steps to deal with Ransomware (Download PDF)
yes tick Case Study - Contact Energy employees focus on Connect Smart (Download PDF)

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