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Cyber Tools

We have partnered with Connect Smart and their SME Cyber Toolkit below may be a helpful resource for you and your clients. 

Cyber Criminal activity is evolving and increasing every day and it is important for your clients to be aware of their exposures.  The SME Cyber Toolkit will help you have the "Cyber" conversation with your clients and in turn assist them in putting in place some basic risk management.  Unfortunately the implementation of risk management won't stop someone who really want's to attack your clients system.  Check out our Cyber Insurance Policy here and call us for further information. 
Directors2-249   10 Reasons to buy Cyber Liability Insurance
Presentation2-712   Cyber Crime Terminology
SME Toolkit-476   Data Breach Prevention and Response
Search   Institute of Directors - Cyber Risk Practice Guide

Directors2    PABX and Voicemail Fraud Prevention
Article-65   Articles

SME Toolkit-476   How Cyber Smart are you? Take the quiz!
Presentation2-712   Phishing Scams


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